es smart and more. this seemingly co existence of tricks, he also wanted to lose out. 2138 Chapter gloves came off Du mountains of voice down, Ye Chao hesitated and said. Du commander, since there Hongo Yoshio breakout plan, we are not around to take a three Jue tactics, to break open a hole to let CCNA Data Center them out until they after the group of fortifications, take the middle of the two wings of outflanking tactics chase, can not effectively accelerate the progress of the war, and greatly Cisco Certification reduce our casualties From the moment the war point of view, they can only break out to the east. Whether the northeast, or southeast, are the mountainous terrain, the army can CCNA Data Center it exam be mobilized reserve in front to intercept, while taking two wings of outflanking tactics, its eradication in Kaiyuan, Fushun junction of the mountain. I think if we act quickly, the deployment of troops in place in the chase into the surround and annihilate the Japanese unit, should not be much of a problem. Even if it is not wiped out, as long as they defeat.

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